Your old Chevy van is a bucket of bolts. The air conditioner doesn’t work, the engine is making a tapping noise, and the undercarriage is rusting away. It whines if you drive faster than 50 mph. There are so many problems that it would cost more to fix it than replace it—and now the brakes are starting to squeal. Do you even bother replacing the brake pads at this point?

Nope. It’s time to start looking for a “new” used van. Fortunately, there are plenty of online marketplaces that make it easy to find your next vehicle. Here are the four best places to find used Chevy vans for sale online:

1. Craigslist

Craigslist ScreenshotIt’s been around since 1995, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Craigslist is still the best online classified ad site, whether you’re shopping for a new vehicle or an apartment to rent. If you live between two major metropolitan areas, you may want to monitor the ads for both areas.

2. Auto Trader

AutoTrader ScreenshotAuto Trader helps you find new and used vehicles from 1981 or later. If you’re looking for something older, try Auto Trader Classics instead.


UsedCars ScreenshotIn addition to its used vehicle listings, offers an advice section with helpful hints for finding the right used vehicle. There is also a special section featuring the best used car deals on the site.

4. Ebay Motors

EbayMotors ScreenshotEbay Motors offers a combination of classified ads and auction-style listings. You can search by zip code and select “minivan, van” as the body style to see all of the used Chevy vans for sale in your area.

Tips for Avoiding Scams

Scam reports have made some people wary of responding to online classified ads. The important thing to remember when looking at a used Chevy van is that you need to use the same common sense when replying to an online classified ad that you would if you were responding to a personal ad on an online dating site. Here are a few tips:

  • Meet in a public place if possible, and don’t go alone.
  • If anything feels “off,” get the heck out of there!
  • Give the van a test drive and, if possible, have your mechanic check it over.
  • Check the ID of the seller against the name on the title
  • Make sure the vehicle’s VIN number matches the title.
  • Don’t show up with thousands of dollars of cash in your wallet. You can always ask the seller to hold the vehicle for half an hour or so while you run to the ATM machine for cash.
  • Never wire money or pay for the vehicle without seeing and checking it over first.
  • Never pay to have a vehicle shipped to you.

One More Tip: Get a Carfax

Carfax will check to see if the used Chevy van you are thinking about buying has ever been in a major accident, has been used as a rental car or taxi, has been salvaged, and a whole lot more. It only costs $39.99 for a single report or $54.99 for unlimited reports (the best deal if you are considering more than one vehicle), so it doesn’t make sense to buy a used vehicle without getting a Carfax.

For best results, don’t limit your search for a used Chevy van to just one site. You’ll find a different selection of vehicles on each one, so shop around to increase your chances of finding the best deal.